Xbox One vs. Xbox Series X: Is It Worth Upgrading? (2023)

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Microsoft claims that the Xbox Series X is its most powerful console yet. The device boasts improved graphics, faster frame rates, and quicker loading times, rivaling many desktop gaming PCs.

However, the question that is on everyone's lips is whether you should upgrade to an Xbox Series X, or stick with the much-loved Xbox One.

Xbox One vs. Xbox Series X: Specs

Deciding between the two consoles can be more difficult than it seems on the surface. Not only are the Xbox models catered to different needs, but they also come with different specs.

This is where the magic happens. The Xbox Series X offers some very impressive hardware, especially when you compare it to the Xbox One S, which saw release in August 2016.

Xbox One S

Xbox One X

Xbox Series X





CPU Speed








Hard Drive




Expandable Storage




Maximum FPS

60 FPS

60 FPS

120 FPS

4K @ 60 FPS





1080P 4K Upscaling

4K Native

Up to 8K

Dolby Vision & Atmos




Blu Ray
















Spatial Audio








Compared to the Xbox One X, the Xbox Series X doubles up on the number of teraflops, making it twice as powerful. The Series X has 12 teraflops, meaning its processor can handle up to 12 trillion calculations per second.

The Xbox One X is Microsoft's rival to Sony's PS4 Pro, possessing native 4K resolution, HDR, and some pretty impressive specs compared to the base system.

While the Xbox One X was once the most powerful console on the market, the Xbox Series X has taken the crown and offers significantly more power and enticing graphics than its predecessor.

Not only do we see massive improvements in terms of technical specs, but Microsoft has also leveraged the latest technologies to make the Xbox Series X somewhat future-proof, which is evident in the use of the super-fast 1TB NVMe SSD.

(Video) Xbox Series X Review & Game Comparison With Xbox One X: Should You Upgrade Right Away?

The Xbox One X has a 1TB HDD which still offers plenty of storage but will load games slower compared to the Xbox Series X. Also, don't forget that Series S titles are significantly smaller in terms of the storage space they consume.

The Xbox Series X's storage system can improve load speeds by up to 40 times more than a mechanical hard drive, allowing players to enjoy Quick Resume; suspending and resuming multiple games at any one time.

Both the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X can offer expandable storage through USB 3.0 (3.1 on the Xbox Series X) using external hard drives.

The Xbox Series X includes a proprietary drive behind the unit, so you can choose to have an additional 1TB SSD for even more Xbox Series X games.

Xbox One vs. Xbox Series X: Games

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When the Xbox Series X was released, it launched with several exciting game titles:

  • Assassin's Creed Valhalla
  • Watch Dogs Legion
  • Dirt 5
  • Yakuza 7: Like a Dragon
  • Tetris Effect: Connected
  • Gears Tactics
  • Warhammer: Chaosbane Slayer Edition

A couple of years down the line, the Xbox Series X boasted hundreds of new games optimized for the Xbox Series X|S, including previously released titles that were rebuilt.

(Video) Series X vs. Xbox One - What's the Difference??

If the cost of the Xbox Series X plus a whole host of games seems too much to digest, you might want to consider the incredible value of the Xbox Game Pass.

You'll have access to a huge library of Xbox Game Pass games ready to play on your Xbox Series X. These titles will benefit from improved graphics, higher resolution gameplay, and faster loading times.

For players who already own Xbox One, Xbox 360, and even original Xbox games, you'll be pleased to know the Xbox Series X is backward-compatible. You'll be able to experience games from past generations, including those you already own, with FPS Boost and Auto HDR, brought up to speed with the Xbox Series X|S.

The Xbox Series X Smart Delivery Advantage

But what happens when developers release a game for the Xbox One X? Well, the Smart Delivery feature means you can enjoy games like Cyberpunk 2077 on the Xbox One X, as well as a free upgrade to the Xbox Series X. Whether you have a physical or digital copy of the game, all you need to do is launch it on your Xbox One or Series X|S console, and the best version will be installed for you. When the optimized version is released, the backward-compatible version will automatically be replaced.

This also means you can continue to enjoy games like Halo Infinite on the Game Pass on your Xbox One X if the Xbox Series X's price point is not within your budget. If you do eventually upgrade to the Xbox Series X, you won't have to repurchase the game, and your saved data will carry across too.

You can identify whether a game supports Smart Delivery by checking for the Smart Delivery icon in the Microsoft Store, or on the front of some game cases. Alternatively, Microsoft has a full list of Smart Delivery games you can check.

Xbox One vs. Xbox Series X: Design

The Xbox Series X box-shaped design takes a very different approach to what Xbox players have been used to. The Xbox Series X has been designed in a way that it can stand up or lay down on its side if you are struggling for space.

Compared to the Xbox One X (5.99cm x 30cm x 24cm), the Xbox Series X is a fair bit larger so you'll need to make room for it. The Xbox Series X is 15.1cm x 15.1cm x 30.1cm weighing 9.8lbs.

To deal with heat dissipation, the grille at the top lets hot internal air escape from the console housing, so you must be careful with where you place the Xbox Series X. If there are not sufficient cooling measures, the internal fan will need to work harder and become noticeably louder, much like the Xbox One X. However, since its release, there are plenty of great Xbox controller stands and holders that double up as coolers for the Xbox Series X console. These can help keep your console cooler but aren't officially recognized by Microsoft.

(Video) Why Most People Don't Need the Xbox Series X and Should Go with a Series S

Xbox One vs. Xbox Series X: Controllers

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As you may expect, the Xbox Series X comes with a new version of the Xbox Wireless Controller. Aside from the addition of the Share button and the new D-Pad design, the controller is the same as the Xbox One X.

You can use the new Xbox Wireless Controller on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X, boasting a sleek finish for comfortable, long-term play. Alternatively, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2, which is far more expensive than the included wireless controller that comes with the Xbox Series X, also works with both consoles. In fact, it also works with Windows PC and mobile devices with Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth, so it ends up being a pretty good investment if you use a wide range of platforms.

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Xbox One vs. Xbox Series X: Price

The Xbox Series X costs $499.99 which is the same as the Xbox One was priced at when it was launched.

Microsoft has discontinued the Xbox One X, making it somewhat harder to find. However, if you do come across stock, you'll probably see a large price drop when you compare it to its original RRP.

(Video) How to Upgrade your Xbox One X and Xbox One S to SSD Drive. WITHOUT Scripts and Software!

It's been notoriously difficult for people to get their hands on the Xbox Series X, with pre-orders sold out in record time and stock levels flying in and off shelves in a matter of seconds.

Whilst the Xbox Series X does come with a hefty price tag; it does fairly reflect the technology hidden in its sleek black frame making it extremely good value for money for what it is.

Is It Worth Upgrading to the Xbox Series X?

Xbox One vs. Xbox Series X: Is It Worth Upgrading? (3)

Now that we've seen the differences between the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X, it's time to answer the burning question that's on every keen Xbox player's lips.

The Xbox Series X is definitely worth the upgrade. Its enticing technical specs, improved graphics, and new features make it an exciting prospect.

Not only does the Xbox Series X offer a future for gamers, but it also secures a spot for older Xbox generation lovers with backward compatibility, and free upgrades for Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

Microsoft has successfully secured a seamless transition between the Xbox One X and Xbox Series X.

Got your Xbox Series X? Here's how to enable closed captions on the Xbox Series X.


Is Xbox series X much better than Xbox One? ›

Microsoft claims the Series X is twice as powerful as the One X in terms of graphical prowess. In simple terms, it will run nigh-on every game natively in 4K 60fps, where the One X can only run a handful of titles in full 4K natively. And often, you have to choose between 60fps or 4K, not both.

Is it worth upgrading from original Xbox One to Xbox Series S? ›

Absolutely! The Xbox Series S offers tremendous value wherever you turn, from its Game Pass offering to Xbox All Access. What's more, it is a worthy upgrade for those coming from the previous Xbox One consoles, with faster load times, better frame rates and performance boosts to your existing games.

How long will Xbox One be supported? ›

We know MS plans on supporting the Xbox One family for at least one year and maybe 2 years with their first-party releases. Most third parties, whilst not giving specifics, have also confirmed they'll be supporting the current generation for longer than usual.

Is original Xbox One worth keeping? ›

Since the original Xbox One is much older, it's not worth considering now. However, you're unlikely to find an Xbox One device at these prices now. In January 2022, Microsoft announced that it had stopped manufacturing all Xbox One consoles, including the Xbox One X and Xbox One S.

Are Xbox Series S graphics better than Xbox One? ›

To put this simply, the Xbox Series S has greater graphical power. When it comes to resolution, the Xbox Series S is still the better option. With a max resolution of 1440p when playing games, compared to the Xbox One S's 1080p.

Is Xbox Series S drawbacks? ›

Xbox Series S Cons:

Weaker GPU and less RAM than the Xbox One X. No disc drive. Limited to 1080p/1440p.


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