How To Install Mods On Xbox One (2023)

A loyal and talented fan community often keeps beloved games going for years. Most would believe their mods are a thing for PC players only, but they are available on your consoles as well.

“Mods” is the term for content modifiers and modifications created by amateur and enthusiast coders and gamers. They may range from slight visual changes to full-on overhauls, “expansions,” add-ons, features, and whatnot.

If you’re playing on Xbox, can you even mod your games? Can you customize your titles with user-created content? The short answer is “barely.” For a time, Xbox supported modding on the Xbox app, but that’s no longer the case.

And because modding is mostly a PC feature, Xbox console users are left without proper tools. And without these proper tools, we’re currently left with various high-profile games we can mod Minecraft and a couple of Bethesda titles.

Can You Install Mods On Xbox One And Xbox Series?

In 2020, Microsoft introduced a feature allowing users to mod games via the Xbox app for Windows PCs.

The process was simple. You had to open the app and check the details of a game’s page to see if it has mod support. The video below explains the point further.

However, the feature is no longer available. Microsoft rolled back the feature on a recent 2022 update. Only Microsoft Insiders or people using Xbox Developer kits would be able to mod games.

You can verify this is the case by checking the Xbox app yourself. For example, the game the video presents (Farming Simulator 17) has mod support on the video but no mode support in its current state.

How To Install Mods On Xbox One (1)

Sadly, the best method to mod games on Xbox was to find mod-supported games via the Xbox app. That’s no longer the case, so modding games on Xbox One and Xbox Series is very limited.

The Xbox doesn’t feature natural support for mods or modders. You wouldn’t even find support for heavily modded games such as Skyrim or Fallout 4 – but we can find the support elsewhere.

Without official support from Microsoft, you have to rely on third-party tools or the studios themselves. This is why modding games on Xbox largely depends on the game you intend to mod.

So, because we couldn’t find a solution for all games, we’re offering you a solution that works for three specific games: Minecraft, Skyrim, and Fallout 4.

Most fans start their modding journey in one of these games. Another highly modded game is Dragon Age: Origins, but we could not find a way to mod Bioware games on Xbox.

How to Install Mods on Xbox One and Xbox Series for Bethesda Games

Bethesda has always supported its modding community, so they offer built-in ways to mod two of their long-running games: Skyrim and Fallout 4.

In essence, Bethesda offersofficial support for console modders,but this doesn’t happen elsewhere.

So, the way to install Bethesda mods on Xbox consoles is by downloading the mod from their page and installing it on the console.

Step 1: Create an Account on Bethesda’s Site

You can complete the first step on your PC:

  1. Open your web browser and go to Bethesda’s page.
  2. Click onLog in / Sign upat the top right.
  3. Create aBethesda account(if you don’t have one already).How To Install Mods On Xbox One (2)

Step 2: Open the Mod Tab

Suppose you’re running the latest version of a Bethesda game (for example, theSkyrim: Special Edition). In that case, you should have aModtab on your main menu.

  1. Open the game.
  2. Select theMod optionon the main menu.How To Install Mods On Xbox One (3)
  3. Log in with your Bethesda credentials (you need an internet connection).
  4. Select a mod, so it installs. How To Install Mods On Xbox One (4)

Step 3: Select a Mod Load Order

For most games (especially Bethesda games), it’s important to select aload orderfor the mods. That means customizing which mods take priority over others.

So, major overhauls should be at the top of the priority, as well as patch fixes. Minor changes (like visual add-ons) should be at the bottom of the priorities.

In any case, if you’re using tons of mods, it would be best to research online for the best load order you can use for your mods.

Anyhow, let’s say you’re on Fallout 4’s mod menu.You can press the appropriate button (like Y) to go to the load order menu.

How To Install Mods On Xbox One (5)

Then, you can tweak the mod load order by moving the mods up and down. If you must, you can find a mod organizer on the mod menu to download.

How To Install Mods On Xbox One (6)

How to Install Mods on Xbox One and Xbox Series for Minecraft?

Minecraft users can access a special page to find and download mods that work on Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

In summary, the process is like this:

  • You use a special browser to find a mod on a special page.
  • You download the mod and save it in the downloads folder.
  • You use a special file explorer to find the mod and install it.

Step 1: Download Internet Browser on the Xbox

Go to the Microsoft Store on your console and download “Internet Browser,” the internet browser. Yes, I know the name is boring, but it works perfectly for this tutorial.

Then, open the Internet Browser like so:

  1. Press theXbox buttonon your controller. How To Install Mods On Xbox One (7)
  2. SelectMy Games and apps. How To Install Mods On Xbox One (8)
  3. Select “See all.” How To Install Mods On Xbox One (9)
  4. SelectAppson the left side. How To Install Mods On Xbox One (10)
  5. On the right, open Internet Browser.

Step 2: Download My Files Explorer

You’re going to use Internet Browser to download the main app you need:

  1. Open Internet Browser and type“My Files Explorer.”Open the app. How To Install Mods On Xbox One (11)
  2. Download the app andopen it. How To Install Mods On Xbox One (12)
  3. After it opens, selectInstall from Store. This will take you to the Microsoft Store, but it’s a private link, so you wouldn’t be able to reach it via the app itself. How To Install Mods On Xbox One (13)
  4. Once here, pressinstall.How To Install Mods On Xbox One (14)

Step 3: Navigate to “”

The third part of the tutorial is going to, a trusty site that packs addons (mods) for console games.

  1. You can navigate via Internet Browser. Just type “” and browse the page. For example, you can visit “” to find the Iron-Man addon for Minecraft. We’re completing this tutorial with the bumcrops example.
  2. Either way, once you find a mod you like, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the download button. Don’t choose the “.zip” file.How To Install Mods On Xbox One (15)
  3. And after you confirm the Captcha (you’re not a robot), confirm the download once again: How To Install Mods On Xbox One (16)
  4. Once again, confirm the download. Select the “.mcaddon” option, and then put a name to the file and press “Save.”How To Install Mods On Xbox One (17)

Step 4: Go to Your Downloaded Mod

Now, it’s time to open the mod:

  1. Press the Xbox button on the controller. How To Install Mods On Xbox One (18)
  2. Go to the notifications button below. How To Install Mods On Xbox One (19)
  3. Select Internet Browser to enter its download tab. How To Install Mods On Xbox One (20)
  4. Press theAbutton on your controller for each item within the browser’s download tab.How To Install Mods On Xbox One (21)
  5. Press the “…” button on your file and select “Save as.” How To Install Mods On Xbox One (22)
  6. Select the internal storage on the left and the Downloads folder on the right (press A to select the folder). How To Install Mods On Xbox One (23)
  7. Finally, press the Save button on the bottom to save the mod file on your Xbox. How To Install Mods On Xbox One (24)
  8. By this point, get out of the menu and close all the apps you’ve been using.

Step 5: Install Mod

The last part of the tutorial is placing the mod in the proper folder. We’re using the File Explorer app to complete the task.

  1. Open FileExplorer.
  2. Go to theDownloads folder.
    How To Install Mods On Xbox One (25)
  3. Hover the cursorto the mod you want to install and press theStartbutton on your controller.
  4. SelectInstall.
    How To Install Mods On Xbox One (26)

The addon should now be installed and working. Some addons may have different behavior, so you should always check the download page to see if you need to do something else to install it properly.

Related Questions

Is It Illegal to Mod Games on Xbox One or Xbox Series?

It’s not illegal to mod offline games. But if you mod or change the experience or a multiplayer game, you can get a permanent ban – it would be cheating.

There’re additional drawbacks to installing mods on Xbox One, Xbox Series, or even the Xbox app for Windows PCs.

  • Modding can make your game and your console unstable. The more mods you add, the more pressure you put into the system.
  • Mods will not allow you to earn achievements or use other Xbox network features.
  • Some mods will turn the family-friendly game into adult-only material (like adding gore or “skimpy” suits).
  • Game updates may not be compatible with mods.
  • Accessibility features may not be compatible with mods.

What’s the Best Platform for Mods?

The process is very easy outside of the Xbox ecosystem and the console ecosystem.

You can, for example, use third-party modding tools such as Vortex and download community-created content from Nexus Mods. Or you can use official tools like the Steam Workshop to customize your gaming experience.

So, the best place to install mods is on your reliable Windows PC.

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