GREAT JOB everyone! Watching from the side lines, things get more difficult farther out of range remember to team up if possible rather than just (counter) botting. We ctrl vd everything to someone else but still have plenty of IP power. | (2023)

Remember you can rent server space. But unless you work for twitter, Google etc I would not use work servers. That can trigger at the very least a very awkward complicated conversation, or lead to a final boss battle.

If you want to acquire some we have computing power to spare. Dm us or /u/D~L if you need more and were always acquiring too so if you wanna trade.

It helps to use a shared foundation you can ctrl Z and ctrl V, and try to blend in to the point you are effectively doing a ddos / mitm technique. The big lie is that algorithms are used to "predict the market", and they seem to fail so they must not work. That is such a thin cover story it's depressing when we all know it's a rigged game. This used to be only possible if you were Uber wealthy but now crowd power and bots, hft and time literally creating money out of complaining about others creating money out of nothing forgetting to mention that the dollar is backed as the global reserve currency only it'd be tacky to print "petro reserve note". So its called an federal reserve note. And all money has always been debt. Otherwise it would have no utility. Creating "debt notes" is the entire purpose of money. What else do you do with money but pay what you agree you owe ie debt?

When a game is rigged yes of course there will still be an apparent winner and an apparent loser but just like what Bobby Fisher said about how the Russians would play the numbers and strategically "lose" and consolidate points, the primary BoTCartel would devour their own young if it consolidated power into their silos. It's all about IDs, IPs, to be controlled by bots and b'oughts fighting to control time by shear volume and that's what makes doge so important. It's the "people's crypto" that wasn't preordained as a cartel but was created as a tipping, token of gratitude (again you also tip because you feel indebted to someone who did something you appreciate and saying thank you doesn't feel like it satisfies the law of reciprocity.

Sharing a common space you can continue to build especially with others to help expedite everything and allows you to ctrl v as many instances of yourselves as you want with the only limit being computing power. The same people use the platforms to create/inflate apparent fame and popularity, and even warp our concerns depending on our profiles ie why your Twitter isn't half Cyrillic. Why my YouTube is all about ebikes interspersed with car commercials, sometimes in spanish.

We transferred most of the toolkits to keep our hands clean as mentioned back in the 3 weeks preceding the dual crash of the crypto and economy when we did the LTC demo to warn everyone about how it was going to work before by taking down an entire sector. But as mentioned we were not going to do anything any longer since it was getting much too complicated for reasons explained. I. E. We obviously back Anonymous (vs Ęlon).

SWIM still has plenty of computing power to spare if you need any. The name and pws can be found the same way to those who are already working with us. Passwords are used to reverse ID you so to others it helps to organise under password schemes as well. Also don't accidentally get yourself rooted or it'll cost us an entire server. A main was breached a certain time ago. At first I thought it was an "inside job" which was disheartening, but it turned out to be an attempt to dox. So it obviously wasn't anyone we work with and trust. There are others who have gone radio silent in the last year which is worrisome. Take care of yourselves and eachother and keep your eyes on the prize. We've demonstrated we can do pretty much anything as a crowd when focused. We causes the slowest trading day in moder history by doing a crowd power demo by flooding doge with the smallest increments to prove 1000x1>1x1000/t, an old motto we'd use all the time paired with "Pac man actually controls the ghosts who obey if you know their rule sets." the rise of hft, bots, and the ability for bots to exchange across the economies of the world culminated into possibilities that were never possible before when only whales were able to rig the game.

The only limit now beyond computing power which can be built or captured is that eventually we lose focus which has always been a method they use like gish galloping or trying to jam any signal by trolling and pretending to represent everyone with an "I'm invincibly dense and represent the silent majority" response while getting everyone else shadow banned to make it appear as such or the news narrative of "we're all equally stupid and never knew anything. Who could have predicted anything?" they say as we screamed precise explanations, wrote articles about cui bono and produce demos of the mechanics over and over which then gets buried while a fox pert is on CNN and carries on the narrative pandering down to us all like they're clergy and we're poor shepherds and farmers--yeoman who aren't allowed to read and write.

The way they talk about algorithms is similar to how they make it seem as if the wars for oil (including the current one) meant a war to literally take the oil versus a war for the interest of the petro cartel mangling the actual idiom like they did to uncle Tom, bad apple, pull yourself up by your boot straps or or creating false representations of everything eg making anonymous and antifa seem like equally organised paramilitary groups with a fixed hierarchies like they're just mirrors of the KKK and the proud boys. Black hoods and masks versus white hoods and masks. Just different opinions is all. When the organisation scheme of anonymous and antifa are the same whoever responds to a call for justice, freedom, peace, transparency, and accountability, and so they hand pick anarchists as if they represent everyone who's anti fascist. Or interview some dude with a black hoodie as if he's a card carrying member of anonymous and speaks for the "organisation". Meanwhile we have American fundie jihadist merch sites like coteson, lightinthebox etc who sell straight up domestic terrorist fashion which of course includes btc maxi shirts along side weird kill for God slogans.

Meanwhile cyber warfare including psyops is the primary war front of the modern age and this is occupy 2.0. It may feel like time soup but we're in the year 2023 and corporations are persons who are given equal agency as humans who have to play along with the quasi religious throw back to economic pantheism, where like arachne was punished and cursed to take the form of a spider for daring to claim she could weave like Minerva™ daring to depict mickey mouse without authorisation even on a child's head stone is treated like depicting Muhammed and Disney targets even day cares to control who is conferred the admission to present one of their graven images.

The last occupy evaporated after being coopted by useful idiots like black bloc anarchists who, if weren't present, the police would just play their roles, donning the same outfits to achieve the same ends and make any crowd seem illegitimate like how the panthers turned into the black panthers and the Harlem of the West was demoed to wipe away all hard historical legacy outside of the old guard who still remember. They would go black face and infiltrate the panthers to do all they can to sabotage.

Currently digital occupy is likewise coopted by meme stonks that do nothing but feed into btc in an inflationary loop meanwhile the same group complain about inflation all the while literally producing money out of nothing, pumping up its value and laundering it as ammunition against the economy.

I still believe we can free Ðoge from the grips of the system and have a parallel currency that works locally with no leader or pope. We've done it so many times but it's a war of attrition. We don't delete any of our progress and make consecutive saves for the record but check the history from the FIRST time this account posted here warning about the incoming 20 percent dip in 4 hours. We exited the game with the same splash. To those who couldn't follow due to the shadow banning and block listing check the pinned post from 3 years ago at the bird @ yours truly.

We get infiltrated all the time and it's something we deal with by being discrete and leaving crumbs for those who want to follow and see for themselves which is why we do the demos. Our work is then coopted by the news media who attribute some other cause that fits their running narrative when we always have proof of what actually happened, down to before it was planned and announced to the second it was done. The recent breach was monitored and they were obviously sifting for user info, burned a virtual card to it's limit etc. Then tried to sign up for credit cards and open a PayPal unaware it was a fake account. So I don't care who it was. But be careful of who you invite. Knowledge is power. Even stolen IDs are poached from homeless covid (or worse) victims, etc. And is one of the most valuable commodities still and is traded like extrapolated CCs for dial up hours back during dial up. Or I guess crypto. Lol.

A clean ID is as valuable it seems as a zero day and they're still used as stand ins for the bots since someone has to be and to prepare to pad the voting box. Only they accuse us of what is on their own minds as a form of dog whistling intent like "Q drops" signalling for the crowd to manufacture the narrative for them. Tapping crowd sourcing and then rebranding it and privitising it... Open AI. AOSP.

The world makes a lot more sense from the ground when you are actually playing the game versus referring to the narrative for loose explanations that make no real sense and goes no where to the point it causes time soup.

So what now? I don't know. Carry on and do what you feel is truly right as the motto states. Do only Good everyday. I love how its the diametric opposite of Google's old motto "don't be evil" I. E. If you can justify anything, even eating a live baby as not literally "evil" do it. As long as it doesn't seem evil it's all Google good. As Eric Schmidt proclaims "we push up against the creepy line, we don't cross it, but we push" responding to their surveillance and manipulation of content and ratings. "if you are concerned with privacy maybe you shouldn't be doing it" also Eric Schmidt head of Google and former head of alpha bet until leaving due to charges of special exploitation. Oh yea, all of our corporate overlords are rapey / racists but have such good pr, we are expected to "wake up from the matrix" and lower our standards to something like fundamentalist Islam since our primary buddies in all of the middle east did 911. So we are currently selling them more weapons because that worked out great. Wars for oil have led to tandem wars against technology by attacking nations among the top producers of REEs: basically Materia from final fantasy 7: What all our technology and even our ability to harness electricity needs so we have to rely on petro and burning things still like mad max.

If you want to know more recent updates dm. But here's a pro tip and a new development: Get a Bilt card. Dm me if you want a referral link. The marketing and news around that "new start up" is so paper thin its hilarious. They still use WF letter head and always have. The recent bilt probe sifted out the bots before WF more formally acknowledged their connection. WF hasn't been the only ones creating thousands of fake accounts either, but they have a tool that is offered to the public so they can use it too and blend in which is how everything like the 08 crash is laundered through the people who were blamed for being too greedy, ignoring the connections to Enron, the codification of energy.... Hmmm... Sounds familiar doesn't it? Derivatives were then created then came the ultimate derivative disguised as the derivative of the people who were of course taught you can buy anything with it by making silk road a house hold name. Then who was it that created lite coin, the original competitor that helped the phony auctions spam both up in proportion and dubbed e-silver to btc's e gold? Remember when they would spam how dot coms were the next NFT you should invest in since made someone a millionaire? All these pay to play auctions are the same.

BTC is a cartel, obsolete from the start by design since it was never a currency that was a bi product, but a seti similar to any p2p storage and processing network to allow a foundation and currency for bots right as HFT became a thing and the ability to do a single trace went from seconds down to microseconds.

Now we have Bilt. Need straight unaccounted for cash every month anyone of any value that you can play with with no interest as if it were a no fee no interest cash advance? Welp, that's why rent is what's marketed. A term with no clear definition, while the application actually says rent or mortgage. I don't think I need to spell it out. It's a very good tool to have that's unlike any other card.

It's a solid metal card that's exactly 16gms.

It might as well come with a Linux distro baked into the sim. And no, despite what the hip marketing angle is, it's not just for "rent". That's just a very very useful legal loop hole since it's a catch all term for your largest monthly expense. It's a great marketing angle and real people using it creates crowd cover. And it rewards you with points for that while creating a means to launder straight cash like each are running a Nigerian checking scam.

Im not promoting anything illegal at all. Just read the terms and conditions and you'll get why they bothered making the card initially referral based, then marketed as if it was only for "paying rent" since if the TOS only said mortgage it'd have much less versatility to all parties involved since your mortgage is defined by contractual terms that can be verified. While rent is much more fuzzy. The marketing is aiming for "digital nomads," those who work from home, all the while from the start hiding its connection to WF to anyone else but members. The card is a cash laundering pipeline which is better than even an interest free cash advance. For more info as usual dm. If you want a referral link it'll increase your odds and you'll get a bonus. It's meant to be used by "digital nomads" so referrals matter. It's why people with 720 ficos are turned down while I have 2.


Great job today. This is a catch up thread since the last few posts were cold drops relying on people who are already following otherwise.

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