6 Best Game Boy Emulators for iOS 15 (2023)

While modern iPhone games with scintillating storylines and visuals get the most attention nowadays, retro games tend to fade away into oblivion. And eventually, these retro games get shut down due to a lack of developer support. Now, though most users hanker for modern games, there are a handful of gaming aficionados who swear by the classics and still enjoy playing these retro games with as much fanfare. Well, thanks to Game Boy emulators, many retro games are not just alive but also continue to thrill with the same fascinating gameplay as ever. If you are one of the chosen few looking to play your all-time favorite retro GBA games, check these best Game Boy emulators for iOS 15 in this article.

Best Game Boy Emulators for iPhone and iPad (2022)

Before we begin, let’s first need to address a few fundamental questions to ensure there is no misconception about Game Boy emulators in your mind. We have answered some popular queries like whether GBA emulators for iPhones are legal and are they safe to use or not. With that said, go ahead and check out the best Game Boy emulators for iPhone users, compatible with iOS 15.

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What is a Game Boy Emulator and How Does It Work?

A Game Boy emulator is a software program designed to enable you to play retro games on an unsupported platform. Emulators are here to make vintage games accessible to users by preserving old technology.

Launched in the late 80s, Nintendo Game Boy, an ultra-compact handheld game console, became an instant sensation internationally. The company sold out the entire first batch of the game console in just two weeks in Japan. And not just that. The company sold around 40,000 Game Boy units on the first day of the console’s launch in America. These raw numbers speak volumes of how well the 8-bit game console was received.

6 Best Game Boy Emulators for iOS 15 (1)

The arrival of modern and better-equipped 3D consoles such as Nintendo’s GameCube, Microsoft’s Xbox, and Sony’s Playstation 2 in the subsequent eras took the focus from Game Boy. Though the 8-bit game console lost in the technology department and eventually fizzled out in popularity, it still exists in spirit with emulation. Yeah, that’s how you can enjoy retro GBA games without having to own a Game Boy!

Game Boy emulation works by mimicking proprietary hardware. As a result, if you have access to a game’s code, you will be able to play the games on almost any device without modifying the hardware.

Is It Legal to Use Game Boy Emulators?

Yes, it is legal to use Game Boy emulators on your iPhone or Android device. Bear in mind that emulators are 100% legal, but the act of downloading and uploading game ROMs is illegal. Therefore, be sure to use your own game files.

Emulation has come to be recognized as a filthy word in the game development industry. ROM emulation requires copying data from a ROM (read-only memory) chip to a storage medium like flash memory or hard disk, which is downright illegal. Since ROM emulation is clearly piracy-adjacent, you should tread with an extra ounce of caution.

Are Game Boy Emulators Safe to Use on iPhone?

It all boils down to a specific Game Boy emulator. That’s why it’s recommended to check the reviews of a GBA emulator before downloading it on your iOS 15 device. Having said that, we have compiled a list of the best Game Boy emulators for iOS 15 users, so check them out right here:

Top Game Boy Emulators for iOS 15 Devices

1. GBA4iOS

When I think of Game Boy emulators for iOS 15, the one name that strikes my mind right away is GBA4iOS. Developed by Riley Testut, it’s highly efficient and works as expected. And that’s what sets it apart.

6 Best Game Boy Emulators for iOS 15 (2)
(Video) GBA Emulator iOS - How To Download GBA4iOS Without Revoke/Jailbreak? IS IT POSSIBLE?

You can use GBA4iOS to unlock all the games compatible with the GBA emulator. Being neatly optimized for iOS, it lets you play your favorite GBA and GBC games without any issues. Since it also supports multiplayer, you can team up with friends to play together.

If you prefer to use a controller for enhanced grip, you would be glad to know that GBA4iOS supports it as well. Another feature worth noting is the Dropbox integration which ensures your data remains available across devices. Though the emulator is available for free, the developer asks you to install it through BuildStore, which requires you to shell out $19.99/month.


  • Dropbox synchronization
  • Event Distribution
  • Custom controller skins
  • Cheats
  • Sustain button
  • AirPlay support
  • Huge library of retro games


  • Setup is not straightforward

Download GBA4iOS: (free)

2. Happy Chick

What makes Happy Chick a noted Game Boy emulator for iPhone and iPad is the ability to emulate more than 18 systems, including DC, NGP, WS, FAB/ MAME/ MAMEPLUS, PS, PSP, GBA, GBC, MD, NDS, FC(NES), SFC(SNEC), and more. So, if you are looking for the most powerful emulator platform on iOS 15, you shouldn’t fail to check out this one.

6 Best Game Boy Emulators for iOS 15 (3)

Happy Chick has an ever-growing collection of classic games such as Street Fighter 97, Super Mario, Monster Hunter, and Pokemon. Hence, you are more likely to find your favorite vintage game in this app and play them on your iPhone or iPad without having to jailbreak the device. Moreover, it also supports PSP and arcade games with online multiplayer support. Therefore, you can lock horns with your friends or other players to showcase your gaming prowess.

Also, Happy Chick is incredibly easy to set up. And with cloud synchronization, the emulator ensures your games are securely backed up and remain available across multiple devices. Overall, Happy Chick has got everything covered to be considered one of the best Game Boy emulators for iOS 15.


  • Ability to emulate more than 18 systems
  • A large collection of classic games
  • Supports PSP and arcade games
  • Neat user-interface
  • Cloud syncing
(Video) How To Play Pokemon on iPhone & iPad! [NO Computer/Jailbreak/Revoke]


  • Tedious setup

Download Happy Chick: (free)

3. Delta Emulator

Apart from GBA4iOS, Riley Testut has launched an equally efficient Game Boy emulator for iOS 15 called “Delta Emulator”. Considered to be an all-in-one emulator for iPhone and iPad, Delta Emulator can deliver full-speed emulation, largely due to the neat underlying emulator cores. That includes Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), Nintendo 64 (N64), Game Boy Color (GBC), Game Boy Advance (GBA), and more.

6 Best Game Boy Emulators for iOS 15 (4)

Sporting a pretty intuitive UI, Delta Emulator is designed to let you play your favorite games without any issues. What’s more, it also offers controller support. Hence, you can use your PS4, PS5, Xbox One S/ Series X, and even MFi game controllers to play games with the desired convenience.

You can activate the cheat codes and take advantage of the seamless Dropbox and Google Drive synchronization. It enables you to back up your games and keep them securely available on multiple devices. Though Delta does have a bit of a learning curve, you would start loving it once you move past that phase.


  • Multiple controller skins
  • Support game ROMs
  • Activate cheat codes
  • Save and load states
  • Dropbox and Google Drive synchronization


  • Requires a fair amount of learning curve

Download Delta Emulator: (free)

(Video) GBA Emulator iOS - Download GBA4iOS 2022 - Get GBA Emulator iOS 15 Without Revoke/Jailbreak

4. Provenance Emulator

The Provenance emulator is versatile. Thanks to the support for several consoles, it allows you to play almost any console-based game on your iPhone and iPad. The emulator is pretty easy to set up and features a clutter-free layout. While the user interface may not appeal to everyone’s taste, it’s more convenient to navigate and feels snappier.

6 Best Game Boy Emulators for iOS 15 (5)

Moreover, the Provenance emulator allows you to save and load games without any lag. Depending on your needs, you can customize the onscreen controller in line with your preference. Another feature that makes Provenance a worthy addition to this list is the ability to let you directly download game ROMs and import them without any issues. Overall, it’s a fully capable Game Boy emulator for iOS 15.


  • Shows FPS count
  • CTR filters
  • Change controller opacity
  • Auto-save
  • Cloud storage
  • Option to create your own game map


  • Auto-saving is inconsistent

Download Provenance Emulator: (free)

5. RetroArch Emulator

Though RetroArch is not as feature-packed as Happy Chick or Delta, it has checked off all the essential boxes to be a worthy competitor on this list of Game Boy Emulators. It supports multiple platforms and is also designed to work with controllers to deliver an enhanced gaming experience on your iOS device.

6 Best Game Boy Emulators for iOS 15 (6)

RetroArch emulator comes with an impressive library of games to let you explore and plays vintage games. Notably, the developer adds new games on a regular basis to ensure you always have something different to take on.

Better still, it also lets you remap the game controls in keeping with your convenience. Add to that the flexibility to use cheats and also save the game state, and this iOS 15 Game Boy emulator seems to take care of all the basics. Moving to the user interface, RetroArch has opted for a classic UI that looks old-fashioned. If you can put this shortcoming aside, you will find RetroArch up to the mark.


  • Open-source
  • Multiplayer support
  • Option to save game state
  • Remap game controls
  • Regularly updated library


  • Old-fashioned UI
(Video) NEW! Easily Install GBA Emulator On ANY iPhone! (iOS 15 / iOS 14)

Download RetroArch Emulator: (free)

6. Eclipse

Eclipse is a web-based multi-emulator with all the basic tools to let you play retro games on your iOS 15 device. Currently, it supports GB, GBC, GBA, NES, GG, SNES, SMS, and GG systems. It lets you add games in multiple ways. For instance, you can easily upload a ROM on Eclipse, use the built-in Game Hub to add a ROM from a repo, Google Drive and Dropbox, and even add a ROM from a URL.

6 Best Game Boy Emulators for iOS 15 (7)

Eclipse has put more emphasis on the clean and lightweight interface, which is because it’s a web-based tool. Barring occasional lags, I have found this GBA emulator to be rather reliable. The emulator features a skins page where you can explore a variety of skins and choose to get the preferred ones. While Eclipse lacks in the customization department, you would appreciate its neat functionality.


  • Clean and lightweight interface
  • Supports GB, GBC, GBA, NES, GG, SNES, SMS, and GG systems
  • Skins page
  • Integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox


  • Web-based
  • Doesn’t offer enough customization

Download Eclipse Emulator: (free)

(Video) RetroArch iPhone iOS 15 Guide - PS1, NDS, NES, GBA & So Much More

Game Boy Emulators for iPhone You Should Check Out

So, there you have it. These are the most reliable Game Boy emulators that you can install and use to play retro games on your iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 devices. These are pretty reliable and work without any major issues. Which among these emulators have you chosen to install on your device? Is it the one that comes with a massive library of built-in classic games or support for most platforms? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you would like to recommend any other emulators that you use on your iPhone, share all the details with our readers. Happy gaming!


What emulator works on iOS 15? ›

Eclipse. Eclipse is a web-based multi-emulator with all the basic tools to let you play retro games on your iOS 15 device. Currently, it supports GB, GBC, GBA, NES, GG, SNES, SMS, and GG systems. It lets you add games in multiple ways.

Are there any Game Boy emulators for iPhone? ›

GBA4iOS is the best GBA emulator for iOS you can ever find on the internet. It allows you to play all GBA games for free on your iPhone and iPad that are running iOS 11 or above.

What emulators are available for iOS? ›

Here are the most popular emulators for iOS or iPadOS:
  • Delta: Multi-platform Nintendo emulator.
  • GBA4iOS: Multi-platform Game Boy emulator, superseded by Delta.
  • iNDS: Nintendo DS emulator.
  • PPSSPP: PlayStation Portable emulator.
  • Provenance: Multi-platform emulator, including Atari, Sega, and Sony systems.

Are there any good iOS emulators? ›


With an absolutely giant list of supported retro consoles, including NES, SNES, GB, GBA, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Atari 2600, Nintendo DS, Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation just to name a few. What is this? And yes, it has a port for the iOS, making it the best emulator for the iPad in 2023. Easily.

Does iOS 15 jailbreak exist? ›

Jailbreak for iOS 15 and iOS 16

According to the developers behind the new jailbreak tool, it works with any version of the operating system from iOS 15.0 to iOS 16.2, which was released this week for users.

Is iOS 15 the last iOS? ›

iOS 15 was officially succeeded by iOS 16 on September 12, 2022. iOS 15 is the final version of iOS that supports the iPod Touch, as its successor, iOS 16, drops support for the seventh-generation iPod Touch.

What is the best GBC emulator for iOS? ›

2Delta Emulator: Best Gameboy Color Emulator for iOS

The Delta emulator is a multipurpose emulator for Nintendo consoles including Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GBC, and GBA. With this emulator, you can mimic the GBC console on your iPhone or any other device using iOS and play these games.

Is there a real iOS emulator? ›

Xamarin TestFlight is an authentic iOS emulator to beta test iOS applications with Visual Studio Enterprise on Windows. It enables you to run iOS apps on Windows PC and airplay the content from iPhone to Mac. This emulator software previously belonged to Microsoft and is currently owned by Apple.

What is the most accurate Gameboy emulator? ›

Boasting an impressive array of reviews from emulation fanatics, BGB has risen to the top of the ranks as the best of the best Gameboy emulators. It covers the DMG and GBC and provides Windows users with a flawless gaming experience.

What is the best emulator for iOS? ›

5 Best Emulators For iPhone In 2023 (All Tested)
  • Eclipse.
  • Citra.
  • iNDS.
  • RetroArch.
Jan 3, 2023

Are iOS emulators safe? ›

Emulators are perfectly safe depending on the source you download them from. You should always check if it comes from a reputable source before downloading it. Most Pokémon emulators should not harm your iPhone or PC. Emulators are also perfectly legal to use.

How to play Pokemon gameboy on iPhone? ›

For playing Pokémon on iOS, the best emulator to use is Delta, iNDS, or the browser-based Eclipse emulator. All of these are free, and together they let you play Pokémon games from all the following consoles: Game Boy or Game Boy Color.

Which is the No 1 emulator? ›

Run Apps with Android Emulators on Windows in 2023

Whether you're a developer looking to test apps or you're a casual user looking to play some games, you will certainly find the best emulator for your need. If you ask me personally, I'm torn between BlueStacks and Gameloop.

Which emulator has the best performance? ›

10+ BEST Android Emulators For PC And MAC [Updated 2023 List]
  • Comparison of Top 5 Android Emulators for PC and MAC.
  • #1) LDPlayer.
  • #2) BlueStacks Emulator.
  • #3) Android Studio Emulator.
  • #4) Remix OS Player Emulator.
  • #5) Nox Player Emulator.
  • #6) MEmu Emulator.
  • #7) Ko Player.
6 days ago

Can you go to jail for jailbreaking a iPhone? ›

It's more accurate to say jailbreaking isn't illegal. As long as you download and install legally purchased software and games, you're using your device legally. Until 2010, it was illegal to jailbreak your iPhone in the USA.

Can you get caught jailbreaking iPhone? ›

You won't be a criminal if you jailbreak your iPhone—but your data could be exposed to one (or more). jailbreaking actually is, and whether it's something you should—or shouldn't—be doing and what it means for your iPhone security.

Is jailbreaking a crime? ›

Jailbreaking is not currently illegal on most devices, but using illegal applications and software through jailbreaking certainly is. This procedure is legal only because the DMCA does not cover the process specifically.

Is iPhone 16 out? ›

After announcing its big yearly operating system update in its WWDC keynote on June 6, 2022, and following months of beta testing, Apple made iOS 16 available to be installed on iPhones on September 12, 2022, followed by iPadOS 16.1 on October 24.

How do I go back to iOS 15.5 from 16? ›

To downgrade your iPhone from iOS 16 to iOS 15, you basically need to erase your current phone and then restore it with the new operating system. In order not to lose any of the data on your iPhone, you'll need to have made a backup before you installed the iOS 16 beta.

What iPhone will get iOS 16? ›

Basically, if you have an iPhone 8 (2017) or newer (including the second- and third-gen iPhone SE), you can download and run iOS 16.

Which iOS best for gaming? ›

Best iPhone for hardcore gamers: iPhone 14 Pro Max

It comes loaded with the most powerful processor in an iPhone – the A16 Bionic – a lush 6.7-inch OLED display with super-smooth ProMotion that delivers a refresh rate of 120Hz. Then there's that battery.

Is there a NOX player for iOS? ›

You can run NoxPlayer perfectly on commonly-used operating systems like Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and iOS (If your game is bound to a third-party account such as Facebook, you can also use Windows to log in to the game on NoxPlayer).

Is Ppsspp available for iOS? ›

PPSSPP - PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, macOS | PPSSPP.

Can BlueStacks run iOS games? ›

BlueStacks uses virtualization to run iOS apps on Android-powered GamePop console.

Can I get BlueStacks on iOS? ›

BlueStacks is not available for iPhone but there is one alternative with similar functionality. The best iPhone alternative is Appetize.io, which is free. If that doesn't work for you, our users have ranked more than 25 alternatives to BlueStacks, but unfortunately only one of them is available for iPhone.

Which is the smoothest emulator? ›

8 Best Android Emulators for Windows 10/11 in 2023
  • MEmu Play.
  • Remix OS Player.
  • LDPlayer.
  • Noxplayer.
  • BlueStacks.
  • GameLoop.
  • Genymotion.
  • ARChon.

What is the easiest GBA emulator? ›

2023 Top 5 GBA Emulator for PC You Should Try
  • 1: VisualBoy Advance.
  • 2: mGBA.
  • 3: No$GBA.
  • 4: BatGBA.
  • 5: Boycott Advance.
Dec 13, 2022

Is SameBoy a good emulator? ›

SameBoy is extremely accurate and includes a wide range of both powerful debugging features and user-facing features, making it ideal for both casual players and developers. Of course, SameBoy also has every feature one would expect from an emulator – from save states to scaling filters.

Is there any free iOS emulator? ›


Appetize.io is a web-based iOS emulator, which works by uploading iOS apps on its website. It works on any web browser on Windows PCs. If you would like to test apps quickly or don't want to install anything on your PC, Appetize.io is a good choice.

Will emulators damage your iPhone? ›

FAQs about Emulators for iOS

In general, installing an emulator on your iOS device will not harm it in any way. You can find plenty of reliable and reputable applications that can be installed without jailbreaking your device.

Can iPhone run Android emulator? ›

The answer is YES. Android emulators are 100% legal to download and use. Anyone can install them to access Android features on an iPhone.

How do I install Gameboy emulator on iOS? ›

GBA4iOS contains a number of ROMS, but you do need to download them manually:
  1. Launch GBA4iOS emulator app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. In the top-right of the screen is a search button – tap it.
  3. There are 11 game series options to choose from – tap on one and tap on Preferred Version.
  4. Choose your version and tap Download.

How to play pokemon on iOS 2022? ›

All you need to do is open the Game Play Colour website on the Safari browser and add it to your iPhone home screen by tapping on Play Now>Share. Tap on the icon that appears on the home screen and load the ROM from your Google Drive account.

Can you download APK on iOS 15? ›

Installing APK files on your iPhone is impossible. That's because these files are designed to be run on Android devices. Android apps are compiled into the Dalvik executable file, which is present inside an APK package.

Is there gaming mode in iOS 15? ›

By default, Gaming mode will turn on automatically when you connect a wireless controller to your device or when you launch supported games. You can also manually choose which apps you would like to trigger gaming mode: Go to Settings > Focus > Gaming.

Is there an APK emulator for iOS? ›

The answer is YES. Android emulators are 100% legal to download and use. Anyone can install them to access Android features on an iPhone.

What can iOS 15.5 do? ›

iOS 15.5 includes the following improvements and bug fixes:
  • Wallet now enables Apple Cash customers to send and request money from their Apple Cash card.
  • Apple Podcasts includes a new setting to limit episodes stored on your iPhone and automatically delete older ones.

What does APK stand for? ›

Android Package Kit


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